About BioDiesel

BioDiesel is one form of bio-degradable and renewable diesel fuel. It gets extracted from vegetable oils, animal oils, waste cooking oil, and animal fat known as tallow. It is less defiling and cleaner-burning fuel. It can be used in standard diesel engines with negligible modifications.

BioDiesel is compatible with almost all regular engines. The emission levels of Greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide are very low as compared to the accepted practice of petroleum diesel. BioDiesel reduces the net emission of Carbon Dioxide by at most 78.45%.

BioDiesel Making a Difference

Reduction in Cancer Risks
Less Sulphur Dioxide Emissions
Higher Oxygen Content Than Petroleum Diesel For Better Mileage
Reduction In Carbon Dioxide Emissions Than Petroleium Diesel

BioDiesel Government Videos, Policy, Notifications & Circulars

BioDiesel Benefits

  • Benefits to Country: Indigenous production and use of Biodiesel as an alternate of petroleum diesel will reduce the country’s dependency on costly imports of crude oil and will result in huge savings for the Government.

  • Benefits to Society: Raw material for the production of Biodiesel comes from agriculture crops. The increase in demand for Biodiesel enhances the agricultural output, benefitting thousands of farm producers and workers across the country.
  • Benefits to Environment: Biodiesel has negligible contents of Carbon and Sulphur. It reduces Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 70% as compared to petroleum diesel and thus helps in an overall reduction in air pollution.

BioDiesel Needs?

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