About PureFuel Energy

PureFuel Energy is India’s longterm answer to Retail and B2B BioDiesel needs. Established in 2020, PureFuel Energy establishes, manages and operates Retail Outlets and B2B BioDiesel Business across the major transport hubs and roadways of India. PureFuel works only with India’s Topmost BioDiesel Manufacturers for its supply needs and ensures the Highest Quality of BioDiesel availability at its Dealerships.

PureFuel is set to launch India’s Largest BioDiesel Outlet with a per day capacity to sell 30,000 Litres of BioDiesel / Per Day – in Bihar and Maharashtra in first half of 2020. Each outlet of PureFuel shall be made with Highest Global Standards of Fueling and Retailing Technology.

Our Vision

To reduce India’s Dependency on Fossil Fuels by introducing latest Renewable and Technologically Advanced Fuels over next 50 years in India and work closely in achieving Government of India’s Vision to make it India import free in Fuel Energy and its dependency. BioDiesel will be PureFuel’s First step towards accomplishing this vision.


PureFuel Energy as a company follows the Highest Industry Standards in dealing with BioDiesel and its Quality. Every single PureFuel Energy BioDiesel batch is tested in Govt. of India approved Laboratories to assure that the Purest form and 100% Replaceable BioDiesel reaches its customers. PureFuel Energy guarantees its Quality assurance for its customers and challenges for better results always on using PureFuel BioDiesel.


PureFuel Energy company deals with India’s Top most BioDiesel Manufacturers for supply at its Retail Outlets. The company makes each Batch Report visible on all its Retail Outlets which states the Purity Percentage to the customers. PureFuel believes in such levels of high transparency to give its customers the highest quality BioDiesel across all the Retails Outlets.

Our Founders

PureFuel Energy Pvt Ltd. is Founded by Aviation Professionals, Professional Pilots and Experienced team of Finance experts who are highly passionate to bring about the Next Big Revolution in the BioDiesel Business in India. Founded in 2020, PureFuel Energy is advised by Chemical Engineers and Country’s Top Most Technical Consultants who manage its technical abilities to deliver the highest levels of performance. PureFuel Energy team is lead by the Dynamic Global Entrepreneur Mr. Bipin Kumar who is the Managing Director of the Company. The company’s operations are also headed by another Director who is also a Professional Engineer Mr. Bikash Paswan.

OUR SErvices

BioDiesel Needs?

Purefuel is your perfect partner for supply of BioDiesel for your commercial fleet.